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LightSKIN LED-Sattelstütze

LightSKIN LED seatpost is a must-have for all biking enthusiasts and sure to attract attention in urban traffic. Five LED were integrated into the seatpost in a space-saving and stylish way on a quest to replace common external taillights. Fully weatherproof, LightSKIN offers everything you need in urban traffic and more: The seatpost enables a pure design while still maintaining material strength and function.
Compared to common taillights, LightSKIN offers numerous further advantages: Since the lights are completely integrated into the seatpost, they are safe from theft and damage. LightSKIN’s topmost LED functions as a control button for five different light modes. Two AA batteries located inside the seatpost provide up to 400 hours of illumination. To change the batteries, the seatpost is simply removed and new batteries are inserted. Thanks to its patented interior structure and a silicone-coating, LightSkin seatpost is completely weatherproof. There is simply no better (and more stylish) way to show your taillights to local SUV’s and law enforcement alike.

  • five high-performance LEDs
  • glow time up to 400 hours
  • two AA alkaline batteries required
  • water resistant
  • ten different modes
  • weight: 360 g without batteries
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Stay lit and safe in city traffic with a top-performing and stylish option. For Siegfried, Viktor, Hektor, Ludwig and Lotte models you’ll need the 27.2 mm diameter option and for the ThinBike, opt for 31.6 mm. We also have a LightSKIN LED Seatpost to fit Brompton bikes that are 31.8 mm in diameter and 600 mm long. Available in the following versions:

  • • 25.4 mm - silver - (350 mm long)
  • • 27.2 mm - black, silver, white - (350 mm long) (Schindelhauer Standard)
  • • 27.2 mm - black, silver - with LEDs sticking out (350 mm long) (Schindelhauer Standard)
  • • 30.8 mm - black, white - (350 mm long)
  • • 31.6 mm - black, white - (350 mm long) (suitable for ThinBike)
  • • 31.8 mm - black, silver - (600 mm long for Brompton)

Installation height The seatpost should be mounted on the frame so that at least the three uppermost LEDs are visible. The model (variant 2) with LEDs sticking out features a higher visibility from the side. However, please pay attention to the restricted installation hieght as all of the LEDs have to be visible and the lowermost LEDs can't be countersunken into the frame.

Variant: 1

Variant 2

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