In the course of the temporary reduction of the VAT rate in Germany to 16%, we would like you to benefit from this economic stimulus measure. For that purpose, we will grant a 3% discount on our accessories from July 1, 2020. Please use the following voucher code in your shopping cart: Accessories3off

For the following three reasons we have deliberately decided against adjusting the recommended retail prices:

  1. Besides Germany as our most important sales market, we are focused on the whole of Europe and thus a significant proportion of countries with different VAT rates. In addition, we sell a large proportion of our bicycles through bicycle dealers. Each one of them is free to conduct his own campaigns on this subject.

  2. Due to very high demand and therefore limited availability of almost all bicycle models, a delivery period in the current year is hardly possible. As soon as there is increased availability again in 2021, the previous VAT rate of 19% will apply again. For this reason, the above voucher code only applies to accessories and not to bicycles.

  3. For us as a small company, the technical and organisational effort of the temporary VAT changeover of certain items is not in a good proportion to the very short period of time required for the change. In addition, we try to keep the price level of our bicycles extremely stable over many years.