LightSKIN NACA Road is a high performance front light, designed for demanding road bike requirements. The integrated projection lens with automotive technology ensures a maximum lighting performance of 520 lumens/90 lux and sets new standards with an extremely homogeneous light carpet. The extensive illumination of the road ensures safety as in daytime.

  • StVZO-compliant
  • 520 lm/90 lux peak brightness
  • innovative projection lens technology
  • drag coefficient of just 0.267
  • more than 7 hours of battery life
  • weights 160g
Price 269,00 € incl. VAT, plus shipping and handling

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Automotive lens technology

NACA Road has been developed on the basis of a clever projection lens system that allows for a very compact design while providing maximum performance at the same time. The light, which comes from only one LED, is optimally directed, refracted and distributed very efficiently as a homogeneous carpet of light on the road – scattering losses are thus reduced to a minimum. As a result, NACA Road shines brighter than products from other manufacturers despite comparatively lower lumen/lux values (see FAQ).

The surface of the lens body is additionally hardened for external impact and equipped with an anti-reflective coating. A sharp cut-off line prevents the glare of other people in traffic.

Aerodynamics from aviation

For maximum drag reduction, the design matches the aerodynamic shape of the NACA airfoil. This results in an industry-leading drag coefficient of only 0.267. At 45 km/h, the energy consumed by aerodynamic drag is only 0.48 W. At the same time, the aluminium housing ensures durability and optimal heat dissipation.

Safety like in broad daylight

Long, intense and fast-paced training rides are now possible even in absolute darkness - without compromising safety. The extremely wide field of vision is reminiscent of car headlights, which illuminate roads and their surroundings evenly over long distances.

The tunnel effect that often occurs when driving at night is therefore not existent. Even in curves, hardly any change of riding style is necessary.

LightSKIN sets new milestone

LightSKIN is known for combining the latest technologies with a discreet, fully integrated design to provide the highest possible practical benefit and attractive appearance. NACA Road sets a new milestone for LightSKIN by establishing strategic collaborations with ETENDUE LIGHTING lighting technology specialists in the automotive industry.


Oliver Bridgewood from GCN went to Flanders to take on the Flandrien Challenge, attempting to ride 59 iconic climbs in a single day. To master this legendary region of Belgium, NACA Road enabled Ollie to ride just as safe at night as during the day – and thanks to aerodynamic design with minimal effort.

At GCN Tech, Ollie introduces NACA Road in further detail.

Brightness modes

LED flux
Max illuminance point
Battery life
Max power520 lm
90 lux
5,3 W
1,5 h
Sport mode
400 lm
70 lux3,3 W
2,4 h
Touring mode
290 lm
50 lux
2,0 W
4,0 h
City mode185 lm
30 lux
1,1 W
7,3 h


Why does NACA Road shine brighter than products from other manufacturers despite comparatively lower lumen/lux values?

Lumen is the unit used to determine the luminous flux and provides information about the total light emitted without considering its spread - e.g. spot or wide area. Lux, on the other hand, defines the illuminance at the brightest point, measured perpendicular to the road, at a distance of 10 metres. As with lumens, this value does not indicate how large the actually illuminated area appears. Depending on the test scenario, there may be further deviations, making a direct comparison of products based on lumen/lux values not very useful. 

In real conditions, NACA Road thus shines brighter than other headlights despite comparatively lower lumen/lux values, as NACA Road sets new benchmarks in distance and width of the light carpet thanks to the advanced lens system.

Which brightness levels can be selected?

There are four brightness levels: City, Touring, Sport and Max Power.


How can I charge NACA Road and how long does the battery last?

NACA Road is charged via USB-C cable ( power adapter or power bank). A full charge takes 2.7 to 3 hours. The battery can be charged at the same time as using the device. Depending on the level set, the battery life is more than 7 hours.


Can NACA Road be used in heavy rain?

Yes! NACA Road is dust/splash-proof according to IP66 and can therefore also be used in heavy rain. Charging (while riding) should not be done in the rain, as the USB-C charging port is no longer sealed by the cap.


Is a mount included in the box?

NACA Road can be installed with any GoPro mount, e.g. below a bike computer (Garmin/Wahoo). Due to different designs of cockpits and individual requirements, there is no mount in the box.


How can I ensure that other road users will not be dazzled?

On a straight track, even in the distance, the cut-off line should still be visible on the road. The beam angle can be freely adjusted on a GoPro mount.