Arthur is not only optically reduced - the same applies to the control of the electric motor: less is more.

All engine functions can be controlled with the MAHLE iWoc One Button on the top tube, even the integrated lighting system is operated at the touch of a button. Our detailed operating instructions are included with the delivery, here we present the basic functions at a glance:

Switching the motor on and off

To turn on the e-bike system, briefly press the button on the top tube. If the built-in LED lights up WHITE, the E-Bike system is switched on. To turn off the E-Bike system, press the button longer (approx. 2 sec.). When you release it, the LED lights up again briefly before the system switches off.

Switching the lighting on and off

By briefly pressing the button on the top tube, the LED starts flashing. Now press the button again until the LED lights up YELLOW. This indicates that the light system has been switched on. To switch the light system off, repeat the procedure.

Setting the support level

If you press the button briefly, the LED will start flashing. The colour indicates the current support level of the e-bike system. By pressing the button again briefly, you can now cycle through the three support modes. Note that when the LED flashes WHITE, the support is off. After a short time of not pressing the button, the LED returns to display the current state of charge.

Battery charge level

The battery level is continuously displayed when the system is switched on, both in idle mode and while driving. When the bike is fully charged, the LED indicator is WHITE.

You can use other functions via the smartphone app. The app is also a display option for showing, among other things, the support level, the battery charge level in percent and the speed. The Smartphone can be optionally attached to the stem using many common holders. If you have any questions, please contact us directly or contact a Schindelhauer dealer.

Download the app:


The intuitive operation of our Arthur e-bike is best experienced during a test ride. Visit one of our Schindelhauer dealers or get to know us and our model range during the season at bike fairs and events. Here you will find an overview of event dates.

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