Bike Outlet

At Schindelhauer, we place great value on durability and sustainability, but there may be situations where one of our bikes does not meet our high quality standards 100% or the bike has already been seen at trade fairs. We would like to give these bikes a second chance. Here in the Outlet we deal with demonstrators, exhibitors, shipping returns, bikes from damaged shipping boxes or those that have minor defects (paint damage, scratches, colour deviations, ...). The bikes are as good as new and have been restored to a technically perfect condition by our internal quality and service team.

How can signs of use manifest themselves?

  • Slight signs of use: paint damage, colour deviations, small dents or scratches.
  • Medium traces of use : visible paint damage and stronger colour deviations, wheels driven for test purposes, service ware 

Please note: For organisational reasons, the outlet will only take place online - unfortunately, test rides are not possible in our Berlin office.



  • harmonious integration of motor and battery

  • agile, natural riding experience

  • lighting system as standard

  • extensive optional equipment depending on the model