Schindelhauer stands for timeless classics. Some of our models have been with us since day one. We adapt our models only in certain details, e.g. for optical reasons and changing components.
The models listed here are from 2016 and differ only in some aspects from our current, 2017 bikes – the last year we introduced major changes to our bikes. With our 2016 bikes still in demand, it’s possible the range of colours and frame sizes could be limited. If this is the case, we recommend looking at current models or visiting your local Schindelhauer dealer who can further advise you.
We are listing all changes on the models on their respective sites, so the decision between either choosing an older model or a current one is made easier.

With a bit of luck, the right bike for you may still be available at a reduced price, even though the changes in comparison to a current model will be minimal.