Schindelhauer and Continental develop the perfect tyre for urban spaces

Although conventional city tyres usually have a good puncture resistance, they can often be quite hard, with a higher surface friction, thus preventing the wheel from rolling and markedly reducing the fun of fast riding in the city. This is caused, in part, by thicker rubber layers, but also by the use of coarser fabric layers in a tyre's side wall and running surface. We wanted to solve this problem and close the gap between 'portly' city tyres and sporty racing tyres. With this in mind we contacted Continental, the leading manufacturer of racing tyres, and our recommendations fell on sympathetic ears.
During the development of the new Grand Prix Urban, we refused to compromise in our approach and have focused on what we believe to be the key parameters, including the salvaging of a lot of rubber by choosing a finely woven carcass (3 layers á 180TPI) on the side wall. This makes the tyre lighter and quicker, and thus corresponds to the classic road bike-tyre Grand Prix. To increase comfort the tyre volume was trimmed to a wider dimension of 35-622

The necessary puncture protection is ensured by a sufficiently strong rubber layer from Continental's own BlackChili compound and a layer of puncture resistant PolyX Breakers. The high-end rubber compound BlackChili, much favoured by top racing cyclists, also guarantees perfect grip in wet and dry conditions. Last but not least we equipped the tyre with a sleek aesthetic, unobtrusively integrating black reflective-strips to provide for extra safety at night. Finally, these elements all weigh in at a mere 390 grams (!).
We tested our new Grand Prix Urban intensively and never had so much fun with a city tyre.
We're pleased to announce that the Grand Prix Urban is now standard equipment on our models Friedrich, Frieda, Jacob, Ludwig XIV and Wilhelm. Even if your day-to-day ride is not a Schindelhauer -  this tyre would be also a good choice as an upgrade.
The Grand Prix Urban is now available at all Schindelhauer dealers and direct from the Schindelhauer webshop.