Almost silent and supple: we were instantly impressed by the first ride on our specially designed bicycle prototype with a belt drive, which inspired us, Martin Schellhase, Jörg Schindelhauer, Manuel Holstein and Stephan Zehren, to create Schindelhauer Bikes through our engineering and design collective c2g-engineering in 2009. Initially founded at the Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg, we later moved to Berlin at the end of 2012.

From the very beginning, we started developing Schindelhauer bikes with a belt drive, which was still widely unheard-of in the bicycle industry at the time. This makes us the first manufacturer worldwide to develop its frames from the bottom up around this specific kind of drive and its special demands. With a long history of engineering expertise, we have been able to transfer the advantages of the carbon drive technology onto the bike, leveraging all the disadvantages of a chain drive: it requires no grease, is low-maintenance, quiet and lasts twice as long as chains. With Gates Carbon Drive, we have found a reliable partner and thus were able to build on our experience with the special demands of the carbon drive technology throughout the years.

Our components are also well thought out from the very beginning. Tried-and-true craftsmanship is commonplace for us; our frames are designed and developed from the ground up. Many of our components like pedals, stems or grips are also of our own making or were created in collaboration with other brands who also believe in the same quality and design. We focus on persistence, which is also expressed in the Schindelhauer name: unwavering continuity and a solid, experienced team – among which the family name of product manager Jörg Schindelhauer was chosen to form our company's brand name.

From the beginning with a Siegfried prototype to our current models, we expanded the product selection steadily and sustainably. We made smaller improvements to classics like Viktor, Friedrich and Ludwig or presented all-rounders like our model Gustav with an integrated front rack.

In 2019, our tenth anniversary year, we took a big step in a new direction and introduced four new models with electric motors. As a manufacturer of bikes with a focus on commuters and city cyclists, the move towards e-mobility was a logical consequence in getting more people to ride bicycles.

We want to design robust, high-quality and low-maintenance bikes - with the typical, functional and clean Schindelhauer design.