LightSKIN NACA Road wins Eurobike Award.

High-end headlight with outstanding projection lens technology wins prestigious award.

The aerodynamic high-end headlight NACA Road by LightSKIN receives the renowned Eurobike Award 2023. The outstanding projection lens technology from the automotive industry sets new standards with an extremely homogeneous light carpet at a performance of 520 lumens/90 lux. NACA Road has been developed in close cooperation with lighting technology specialist ETENDUE LIGHTING and Schindelhauer to meet StVZO standards.

Award ceremony at Eurobike in Frankfurt 2023

from left to right: Sunku Kang, Janet Lee, Jaeyong Lee, Soyoung Lee, Jörg Schindelhauer

Light carpet like car headlights ensures safety

The sophisticated projection lens system achieves a range of 72 metres, precise dipped beam lines and a visibility of 52° in a very compact design. Thus, despite the large-area illumination, oncoming vehicles are not dazzled. The light, which comes from only one LED, is optimally directed, refracted and distributed very efficiently as a homogeneous carpet of light on the road - scattering losses are reduced to a minimum. Long, intensive and fast-paced rides are possible with NACA Road, even in absolute darkness, without compromising safety. The tunnel effect that often occurs when driving at night can be avoided due to the extremely wide field of vision. Even in curves, there is hardly any need to adjust the driving style.

Aerodynamic design from aviation

For maximum drag reduction, the design matches the aerodynamic shape of the NACA airfoil. This results in an industry-leading drag coefficient of only 0.267. At 45 km/h, the energy consumed by aerodynamic drag is only 0.48 W. At the same time, the aluminium housing ensures durability and optimal heat dissipation. The surface of the lens body is additionally hardened for external impact and equipped with an anti-reflective coating. The total weight is 163 grams.

Tested at GCN Flandrien Challenge

GCN's Oliver Bridgewood travelled to Flanders to take on the Flandrien Challenge and attempt to complete all 59 climbs in a single day. To tackle this legendary region of Belgium, Ollie was able to use NACA Road to ride as confidently at night as in daylight - and with minimal effort thanks to aerodynamic design. At GCN Tech, Ollie presents the technical aspects of NACA Road in more detail.

About Eurobike Award

The Eurobike Award 2023, the most prestigious award for innovative and high-quality new products in the bicycle and future mobility industry, will be presented for the first time on 21 June 2023 at Messe Frankfurt after a one-year break and the relocation of the leading international trade fair Eurobike from Lake Constance to the River Main - with the German Design Council as a competent partner at its side.

The Eurobike Award not only detects current industry trends, but also aims to encourage the further development of product innovations and their successful positioning on the market by honouring outstanding innovations. All awards are determined during a two-day session of an independent jury of experts. The Eurobike Award has been presented at the leading international Eurobike trade fair since 2005.