Range, agility, payload, reliability, service, high quality components - all at once, but definitely in a beautiful design. After several years of development we presented our new product range last year: Schindelhauer with a motor and up to 25 km/h e-support. Our three Bosch models have been on the roads since spring, followed in autumn by the sleek Arthur with rear-mounted engine from MAHLE ebikemotion.

Our goal is to show the connection between the much used term "urban mobility" and our understanding of it. Our new products reflect our idea of ​​the ideal e-bike - very important to us was the choice of drive types and their integration into the typically reduced Schindelhauer design. Here we made no compromises.   

Our models Hannah, Heinrich and Oskar manage the balancing act between a cleanly designed e-bike and impressive battery life, as well as reliability that only the market leader in this segment, Bosch eBike Systems, can deliver.

New Video: Schindelhauer Goes Electric

These Bosch bikes in particular have presented our developers with new challenges. In a recent video we show that the focus for us was clearly on integration and an agile driving style. This was optimally solved in several years of work and various stages of development.

From drawing on paper to the clay model, to transferring the layout to a CAD program and then creating a faithful 3-D printing with subsequent paintjob. And, as the last step before production started, the first aluminium prototype from our frame manufacturer.

A Snug Fit

The Bosch Active Line Plus mid-engine is embedded in a specially designed motor bridge, which provides stability and at the same time a sportive geometry - making the chain stay short and keeps the wheelbase ideal for a sporty and at the same time comfortable seating position. The PowerTube 500 battery is optimally integrated into the frame and removable.
In order to integrate the battery in a space-saving way, without sacrificing stability, we developed a multi-cell down tube cross section. All cables are laid internally, thanks in part to our new hydroforming fork, which combines various of our must-have requirements: thru-axle system, postmount brake caliper attachment and clearance for up to 47 mm wide tires.

This applies to the Bosch e-bikes, but the slim Arthur delivers what many of Schindelhauer expect at first glance: an almost invisible electric motor and battery. Visually, Arthur hardly differs from Schindelhauer models without e-support. This is made possible by the Spanish and German manufacturer MAHLE ebikemotion and their innovative combination of powerful engine, slim and powerful battery and intelligent software. With 250 watt-hours, Arthur only has half the battery power of the Bosch bikes, but is ideal for short trips, city cycling and an extra push without sweating.

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4.995,00 € 4.495,00 € *