We at Schindelhauer are a team of designers and engineers whose true passion lies in pairing functional innovation with simple, sophisticated design. We relish the challenge and beauty involved in perfecting our products and the results are visible down to the smallest details across our entire range. For us, true craftsmanship is alive and well. We develop our frames and components on our own, or with selected companies who share our mindset.

Combining timeless elegance, understated design and clever functionality has landed Schindelhauer several important design awards such as the IF Gold and the Red Dot “Best of the Best” Award. In line with our core design principle of streamlined simplicity, we believe no noise, no grease and low-maintenance belt drives are the way of the future.
Right from the beginning, we sought out the best belt drive supplier on the market: Gates Carbon Drive. We are proud to have been the first bike manufacturer to work exclusively with this innovative company. To ensure we design the best bikes for how we cycle today, we come to work every day with curious minds, the desire to play with new ideas and the love for cycling.
We’d love you to take the time to explore the entire range anddiscover what makes our bikes unique down to the last detail.