We are auctioning off extremely limited edition Siegfried super refined for a good cause

Lighter, faster, more emotional: design classic Siegfried elaborately refined by hand to strive for perfection.

As the first member of the bike family, Siegfried embodies the characteristic DNA of the bicycle brand Schindelhauer from Berlin-Kreuzberg, which was founded in 2009. With his purist aesthetics and reduction to the absolute technical essentials, Siegfried is considered a design classic for urban cycling today. This super refined edition of Siegfried is even lighter, faster and more emotional: all weld seams on the brushed aluminium frame have been ground and polished by hand, materials have been elaborately refined and even higher quality components have been used to take quality and durability to a new level. Super refined stands for uncompromising engineering, perfection and precision. Two years of planning, research and material sourcing as well as more than 50 hours of hand finishing have gone into each of the five bikes.

The pursuit of perfection

The almost 15-year evolutionary history of Siegfried served as inspiration for the super refined project. Enhancements to details in disciplines such as design standards, durability and suitability for everyday use have contributed to making Siegfried an icon. The pursuit of perfection is one of the most important driving forces, but every technical development must also be harmonised with the requirements of series production. Co-founder and Head of Product, Jörg Schindelhauer, explains:

"We wanted to overcome the limitations that could affect manufacturability, price or usability, so we created this super refined edition."

Every element of the bike was examined for optimisation potential without changing the characteristic features of the model. The aim was to make the bike more uncompromising, lighter and more exclusive. A group of people from the Schindelhauer product, design, workshop and marketing team took on the challenge over a period of two years. Specific knowledge and experience regarding product philosophy, material processing and component selection, which each team member was able to contribute to the evaluation of feasibility, were crucial to success.

The birth of Siegfried super refined

At the heart of Siegfried super refined is the aluminium frame, which has been ground, polished and refined by hand to smooth out all visible weld seams so that the transitions on the head tube, top tube, seat tube and bottom bracket are absolutely seamless.

Rare components such as a hollow-forged Shimano Dura Ace crankset from 2008, a Brooks leather saddle with a titanium frame and tubeless rims with a special surface finish are used as custom-made products to optimise the interplay between weight reduction and refinement. Numerous processing steps such as grinding, CNC milling, polishing and de-anodising ensure that each individual component is perfectly coordinated and contributes to the bike's unmistakable character. Siegfried super refined is equipped with a completely new wheelset in which all spoke heads are individually ground and polished to form a unit with the likewise polished Acros hubs. Details such as the one-piece ahead cap are newly developed, designed and manufactured in-house. All (stainless-)steel screws have been replaced with titanium screws.

More than 50 hours of manual labour went into each individual bike for the processing and finishing steps alone, but the result speaks for itself: Compared to Siegfried with standard equipment, the super refined edition weighs just 7 kg and is therefore 1.6 kg lighter. Its high-gloss appearance awakens strong emotions - even if only on selected occasions given the very limited number of only five bikes. Mission accomplished: The perfection of a contemporary design icon.

Siegfried super refined – the film

The 20-minute film on the making of Siegfried super refined offers exciting insights into individual processing steps, accompanied by interviews with the protagonists.

Auction for World Bicycle Relief

Schindelhauer is auctioning off one of five Siegfried super refined edition bikes for a good cause via the United Charity platform. 100% of the proceeds will go to the organisation World Bicycle Relief, which helps people in developing countries to achieve better mobility. Reliable bicycles give people access to education, healthcare facilities, essential basic services and income-generating opportunities. In this way, they can move themselves, their families and communities forward. Since World Bicycle Relief was founded, more than 700,000 bicycles have been delivered.

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The highlights in detail


Siegfried aluminium frame (AL6061-T6) – ground, polished and refined


aluminium fork reworked, ground and polished

sprocket (front)

Gates Carbon Drive CDX, 60T – de-anodised, ground and polished

crank set

Shimano Dura Ace from 2008 (hollow forged) – anodised and polished

bottom bracket

Reset Racing – polished


Schindelhauer Urban Pedal with titanium spindle, CNC milled


Ritchey – de-anodised and polished

ahead cap (one-piece)

newly designed, constructed, CNC-machined and polished


Brooks Swift with titanium frame – polished saddle rivets

seat post

Ritchey – de-anodised and polished


exclusive customised design with special surface finish, tubeless-ready


Acros nineteen – CNC-machined, de-anodised and polished


Sapim bladed spokes – spoke heads individually ground and polished


Ridea – CNC milled from aluminium with titanium screws


Continental Grand Prix 5000 S TR

drop out

numbered plate, belt port and tensioner washer anodised and polished


all (stainless-)steel screws replaced with titanium screws, machined, polished


7 kg