The Wynwood neighborhood offers pure urban lifestyle: hundreds of paintings adorn the windowless façades of the low warehouses and old factories. Artists from around the world have created impressive, large-scale Streetart works of art. The neighborhood is home to over 70 galleries, museums, and collections, and is one of Miami’s hippest spots.
Since early May 2017, Schindelhauer is a part of this creative scene with its timelessly elegant belt-driven bicycles. And with Miami as its base, the company is now ready to pedal out into the rest of the United States. Many distinguished guests attended the glamorous launch party at the new Superior Bike Shop, including members of local high society, artists, and many from the fixed gear scene.

The colorful community also included Jörg Schindelhauer and Stephan Zehren, who didn’t want to miss this opportunity to celebrate. “The city, and especially Wynwood, completely matches our philosophy. The Superior Bike Shop is the ideal partner for bringing our brand image to the American streets in suitable style,” said Jörg Schindelhauer. In the same spirit, The Superior Bike Shop is not a typical bike store, but is itself a work of art that pays homage to the scene. In the gallery-like space, bikes are displayed as if on exhibit, and are shipped from there to every state in the U.S.