Since day one we were convinced of the benefits a belt drive had to offer. A silent, maintenance-free drivetrain without grease or oil, thanks to the belt drive, which had been proven to be reliable in an industrial environment for many years.

The technology behind it made our founders curious, so the very first Schindelhauer Bike was equipped with a Gates Carbon Drive in 2009. Thus began a close relationship with the company from the U.S. state of Colorado..

Among our earliest supporters of Schindelhauer was Kalle Nicolai, founder of Universal Transmissions, the European distributor of Gates Carbon Drive. Still a close friend of the company, he provided us with vital advice which was integral to our successful launch in 2009.

The carbon-fibre belt and the components were refined over the years, so that it can play to all its advantages.

We are convinced: for our bikes, made for an urban environment, the Gates Carbon Drive offers the best solution. Therefore, all Schindelhauer bikes are 100% made for this type of drivetrain, now with 10 years of experience in using this special technology.

Gates Carbon Drive approached us last year with the idea of highlighting our 10-year partnership with a short video produced in our Berlin-headquarters. Kalle Nicolai and Wolfgang Körfer from Gates Europe were invited to Berlin as well.

Our product manager and co-founder Jörg Schindelhauer was asked to tell our story in front of the camera and explains, why there will never be a Schindelhauer bike without the Gates Carbon Drive.

Watch the full video here or directly on YouTube.

Urban Bikes from Berlin - Belt Driven Since Day One