BORDO folding locks offer reliable protection against theft combined with flexibility, low-weight and compact transport dimensions. Due to the increased length when unfolded, the bike can be flexibly secured. In addition, we also offer a U-Lock for cyclists who wish to optimally secure their bike, preferring less weight, whilst taking a smaller length into account.

All locks come with a mount. However, the BORDO mounts should not be fastened with Velcro to our drop-shaped aero-shape seat tube as the mount can slide down with the weight of the lock. If attachment of the lock to the bike is desired, we recommend fastening the mount using screws on the bottle cage holes on the frame.

BORDO Centium 6010/90

Stainless steel case and a mount with robust clamping and leather strap: The BORDO Centium is probably the most beautiful folding lock available. It weighs 1,250 g and has a length of 90 cm.

BORDO 6000/90

The classic for smaller excursions: the BORDO 6000/90 offers medium protection with a weight of just 1,100 g and a practical length of 90 cm.

BORDO Combo 6100/90

Combination lock for cyclists who do not want to carry a key: The BORDO Combo folding lock has a combination lock with individually adjustable combination. The lock weighs 1,250 g and has a length of 90 cm.

BORDO Granit X-Plus 6510/85

The safe option for the city: At 1,580 g, the BORDO granite X-Plus 6510/85 has a low pack size and thanks to the X-Plus cylinder, offers a high level of protection against manipulation such as lock-picking. The length measure is 85 cm.

Granit Plus 640 U-Lock

U-Lock with 12 mm thick round handle made of hardened steel. It weighs 860 g and offers enough space to connect the frame triangle and rear wheel to a parking rail.

Where I can get my Schindelhauer?

support and guidance at your Schindelhauer dealer

We appreciate that you are interested in buying a Schindelhauer bike and suggest purchasing it at one of our Schindelhauer dealers. They will provide you with personal advice, a test ride and also offer you their best service after your purchase. Here you can find a list of our dealers:


direct order from Schindelhauer Bikes:

If you have already chosen a model, you can simply order it right here at schindelhauerbikes.com. You can choose from two delivery options

  1. delivery to a Schindelhauer dealer: You can easily let deliver your desired model to a Schindelhauer dealer. They will do the final assembling and fine tune it to your needs.
  2. delivery to a desired address: If you do not have a Schindelhauer dealer nearby, you can let send your bike directly to your home. The bike is delivered nearly full assembled. In compliance with the manual you only have to pump-up the tires with the appropriate air pressure, mount the pedals and straighten the handlebars.

You can choose the desired shipping option within the checkout process.

No dealer in your area and not from Germany?

In this case we will find an individual solution together. For this purpose, be so kind and send us your contact data. We will get in touch with you immediately.