Poster - Zum Heimathafen x Schindelhauer

The graphic studio from Hamburg "Zum Heimathafen" or better, our friend Alex, has been accompanying us for quite a while now. At the beginning with lovely T-Shirt graphics, then with crazy ideas for trade fair booths. Just like us, Zum Heimathafen has grown and is now an institution in the gig poster scene. For instance, he has blessed famous Indiebands like The Notwist, Feist and Deftones with his screen printed posters.

The iconic style with a reduced play of colours matches perfectly with Schindelhauer and thus the idea occurred to eternalise our stars in paper as well.

All handmade in Hamburg - the posters are 4-colour printed by the artist himself.

The edition is limited and printed on Olin "Extra Smooth" paper with 250 gsm. Each poster is signed and numbered.

The poster is sold without frame!

  • size: ca. 400 x 600 mm
  • paper: FSC certified Olin "Extra Smooth"
  • colour: Acrylic
Price 35,00 € incl. VAT, plus shipping and handling

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