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Previous year's models



Schindelhauer stands for timeless classics. Some of our models have been with us since day one. We adapt our models only in certain details, e.g. for optical reasons and changing components.
The models listed here are from 2016 and differ only in some aspects from our current, 2017 bikes – the last year we introduced major changes to our bikes. With our 2016 bikes still in demand, it’s possible the range of colours and frame sizes could be limited. If this is the case, we recommend looking at current models or visiting your local Schindelhauer dealer who can further advise you.
We are listing all changes on the models on their respective sites, so the decision between either choosing an older model or a current one is made easier.

With a bit of luck, the right bike for you may still be available at a reduced price, even though the changes in comparison to a current model will be minimal.

  • single speed or fixed gear

  • upright race position

  • short wheelbase for agile handling

  • lightweight aluminium components

Our original Schindelhauer models have become emblematic of our minimalist aesthetics and precise engineering. The Pure line continues this tradition and pursuit of pure cycling enjoyment by offering a range of models that focuses solely on timeless essentials. The flip-flop hub enables smooth transition between fixed gear and single speed.



  • gearing range from 8 - 18 speed

  • for commuting and touring

  • classic design

  • eyelets for mudguards and pannier rack

Adhering to our core design principle of streamlined simplicity, we established our Classic line featuring frames with a slightly more relaxed geometry suitable for light touring, training, or commuting. We achieve this by offering greater flexibility through internal gearing. Featuring lightweight components and rear rack-/ mudguards eyelets on all models.



  • fully-equipped with lighting system

  • for daily commuting or longer tours

  • relaxed seating positon

  • wider tyres for more comfort

Robust enough to withstand years of urban commuting, yet light enough to inspire long distance adventures. The Comfort models feature a relaxed geometry and longer wheelbase for stable and effortless touring. These timeless and elegant machines come fully equipped with a dynamo lighting system, rear pannier rack, and custom mudguards. Complete with wider tyres and top-level componentry.



  • innovative solutions for special requirements in cities

  • special additional equipment

  • monochrome colour scheme

Metropolitan designs were conceived for the committed cyclist whose bike is an indispensable part of everyday city life, and thus dedicated to meeting the demands of urban living. These solutions aspire to exceed the expectations for function and style, whatever you and your bike need to achieve, the Schindelhauer Metropolitan line offers the means to take on modern life