Since day one we were convinced of the benefits a belt drive had to offer. A silent, maintenance-free drivetrain without grease or oil, thanks to the belt drive, which had been proven to be reliable in an industrial environment for many years.

The technology behind it made our founders curious, so the very first Schindelhauer Bike was equipped with a Gates Carbon Drive in 2009. Thus began a close relationship with the company from the U.S. state of Colorado..

Among our earliest supporters of Schindelhauer was Kalle Nicolai, founder of Universal Transmissions, the European distributor of Gates Carbon Drive. Still a close friend of the company, he provided us with vital advice which was integral to our successful launch in 2009.

The carbon-fibre belt and the components were refined over the years, so that it can play to all its advantages.

We are convinced: for our bikes, made for an urban environment, the Gates Carbon Drive offers the best solution. Therefore, all Schindelhauer bikes are 100% made for this type of drivetrain, now with 10 years of experience in using this special technology.

Gates Carbon Drive approached us last year with the idea of highlighting our 10-year partnership with a short video produced in our Berlin-headquarters. Kalle Nicolai and Wolfgang Körfer from Gates Europe were invited to Berlin as well.

Our product manager and co-founder Jörg Schindelhauer was asked to tell our story in front of the camera and explains, why there will never be a Schindelhauer bike without the Gates Carbon Drive.

Watch the full video here or directly on YouTube.

Urban Bikes from Berlin - Belt Driven Since Day One

A successful race season has come to an end and we are taking a look back at the races and riders who took part.

Team Schindelhauer-Gates competed in more than 40 races in 2018, with even more competitions in the region around Berlin as well as small-scale fixed and cross races just for fun. As a factory racing team, our main goal is to test our equipment under the harshest environments and to prove that a Gates Carbon Drive belt and components can withstand the toughest racing conditions – and a lot of wattage going into it.

Karla up front

Karla Sommer is our most successful fixed rider this season. Her first win was also her favourite: Rad Race Last Woman Standing in March, a fixed race on a kart track. This was the first of many successes – Karla took part in eleven major fixed races and won six of them, finishing inside the top three in eight. She won the German Fixed Crit Series and went on to compete at Red Hook Criterium Milan in October, the biggest fixed race in Europe, finishing 21 out of 66 starters in the women's field.

"My favourite win of 2018 was Rad Race Last Woman Standing, it was unexpected and very emotional, having friends and the Schindelhauer Bikes crew on the sidelines."

"Red Hook Crit Milan was incredible, especially being the oldest female starter in the field competing with the best fixed racers in the world and finishing in the main group. Placement was secondary for me, the atmosphere made me hungry for more."

"For 2019 I'll be looking at starting at international races. I'm looking forward to racing the Fixed Nation Cup in Dijon and hope for the return of Red Hook Criterium in Europe”.


One of our swiss riders, Adrien Merkt, started the season off well, winning the fixed-gear race in Montecatini Terme as part of the Italian Fixed Cup. His friend Yvan Morf finished fifth in the same race.

Both went on to compete at Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn, with a 16th and 30th place in the finals among the best fixed racers in the world. Red Hook Crit was a highlight for our Zürich boys, the impressive thunderstorm during the main race made their hearts sink into their (cleated) boots.

Following Brooklyn, both took the start in Berlin at Rad Race Fixed42, with Adrien attacking the bunch several times, which later awarded him title for "Top Antagonist" of the race. Just one month later, Adrien took part in another race within the Italian Fixed Cup in Lissone, ultimately finishing third in the series. Yvan competed in the same races as Adrien, but with a less aggressive style by nature.

Despite some good results in the book, Yvan, always a perfectionist, was hoping for more:

"Performance-wise it didn't go as planned for me, but the trips throughout Europe and the people we met made it all worthwhile. We hope to take the Züricrit further in 2019, the first fixed criterium in Switzerland, which we successfully introduced in 2018."

The third of our Zürich riders, Dylan Longridge, will spend 2019 in New Zealand pursuing his Geology degree, doing research on submarine vulcanism. But he won't be staying underwater long, as he's taking his Hektor bike with him, hoping to compete in races in the New Zealand fixed-gear scene.

Paul and Karsten – Fixed and Cross

Paul Göhrke is our Berlin-based rider, who rides fixed as well as cross races. Being 2,00m tall and with a 64cm special-edition frame, Paul is always hard to miss in races. He raced into eight Top 10 placements in total.

His favourite race of the season was Grinduro in Scotland, which he competed at with Karsten Zeiger from our cross team. Both won the single speed competition on a custom Ludwig XIV model with a gravel/racer setup, placing 23rd and 24th overall – among all riders, including those with gearing.

Karsten also won the single speed competition at the Standert Point Cross, the bike cleaning kit he won was put to good use after several cross races he competed in.

Raschi – the good soul of our team

Born in the outskirts of Berlin, he is the most hard-working, but according to his own statement, the most unambitious of our riders. Thorsten "Raschi" Rasch is the good soul of Team Schindelhauer-Gates, who took part in almost every fixed race in Germany this year. For him it's about having fun, to him results are secondary.

His favourite race in 2018 was This Is Not Brooklyn Dresden in September. He loved the relaxed atmosphere and meeting people he knows from several years of racing fixed. Raschi is well connected in the fixed-gear scene and popular with his easy attitude.

He always takes care of his teammates before and after a race. When he shows up, the team knows that it will be a good, fun race.

Crit-Girls Dani and Sam

Our two American riders received a lot of attention this year, Sam Fox and Dani Morshead were our guest riders at Red Hook Crit. Both have already successfully competed at road bike criteriums in the US. Sam took the start at her first ever fixed-gear race in Brooklyn, finishing an impressive 6th place. She was so stunned by the atmosphere and excited about the race, she suggested to her friend Dani to race with her at Red Hook Crit Milan.

Flying in from San Francisco, Dani won us over with her charm and open personality. Her first experience riding a belt driven bike and the directness of our Hektor frame got her excited to race.

Dani, Sam and Karla took the start in the same group. While Karla and Dani finished well in the Top 20, taking them to the finals, Sam, unfortunately, crashed due to a rider slipping in front of her. She fell hard on her head, with her ABUS helmet protecting her, taking away a black eye and some scrapes. Once the initial shock passed and a little downtime, she was in a good mood throughout the rest of the evening, cooling her black eye with ice and beer cans and cheering on the remaining team racing.

In the finals, Dani and Karla finished in the first group of the race, stunned by the speed, technicality of the course and level of competition – but excited to go again next year.

We are looking forward to the 2019 season, with our riders eager to take on more German and International races in an ever more competitive field. We'd like to thank the race organisers and our sponsors, some of whom have been with us for many years, for supporting us throughout the season.

Follow the Team via Instagram, Facebook and via the Schindelhauer-Newsletter.

15 November 2018: After some years of thorough development we proudly presented our new E-Bike product line to the public. Partners, friends and media were invited to attend our launch event in the relaxed urban environment at FvF Friends Space in our Berlin-Kreuzberg neighbourhood. Presenter Christina Rann from Hamburg charmingly led through the evening.

A logical consequence

Our goal was to emphasise the connection between the often-used term "urban mobility" and our developments. As makers of bikes with a focus on the needs of commuters and city cyclists, the step into e-mobility was a logical consequence in order to get more people into cycling. 

For us this means expanding our range from 14 to 18 bike models – four new additions with an e-motor, which are supposed to meet different demands towards individual urban transport.

The introduction was made by Dirk von Schneidemesser, board member of Changing Cities e.V., who talked about the work of the network for a more bike-friendly Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, districts of Berlin.

Unveiling the bikes took place afterwards, followed by Christina Rann interviewing our founders and developers, as well as answering questions from the audience.

Four new models

The first two E-Bikes Heinrich and Karl manage to walk the line between a well-rounded design and an impressive battery range and reliability, which can only be delivered by the market leader in this segment, Bosch eBike Systems. Both models are ready to be pre-ordered and will be seen on European streets in the beginning of 2019. The women's version Hannah with a step-through frame will follow in May 2019.

The fourth E-Bike was a surprise for many: Arthur was unveiled at the end of the end of the event. This model looks like a typical Schindelhauer Bike without a motor.

This is made possible by the Spanish manufacturer MAHLE ebikemotion and their innovative combination of a powerful motor, paired with a sleek and efficient battery, as well as an intelligent Software. Arthur will be available in graphite grey in autumn 2019.

We would like to thank all of our guests and our Berlin partners Thomas Henry, Proviant Berlin, Our/Berlin and BRLO Beer, as well as EatMe Catering and Larios Gin

No compromises in terms of service network, reliability and quality: Heinrich, Karl and Hannah are our Bosch mid-engine models.

The third generation Bosch drive unit is especially quiet and operates without a gearbox, opening the possibility for a gentle and harmonious riding experience – with or without the motor switched on or above the e-support limit of 25 km/h. The battery range is unbeatable: Cyclists travelling at a relaxed pace without much luggage and a few stops along the route can reach up to 200 km in the Bosch Eco-mode, according to the Bosch range assistant. Cyclists who prefer to ride more quickly or carry more luggage, can reach between 80 - 120 km, before the battery runs out.


The first Bosch single speed e-bike — for fans of a well thought out design, coupled with reliable technology. This model doesn’t require a gearshift, as the powerful Bosch Active Line Plus drive unit more than compensates for this. Optionally available are a frame-mounted front rack and Wingee mudguards with an integrated bracket for pannier bags.

Weight: 19.7 kg
3.995€ incl. 19% VAT
Ready for shipment March 2019


The most versatile Schindelhauer model – Heinrich has been designed as a sturdy and fully equipped e-bike for multiple uses and riders, and it is exceptionally fun to ride. With its strong battery, Heinrich offers enough freedom for relaxed trips to the surrounding countryside or from the outskirts into the city. Thanks to the 8-speed Alfine internal geared hub longer rides over uneven terrain are possible. With the baggage carrier mounted directly to the frame, the handling is not impaired when fully loaded. Additionally, pannier bags can be attached onto the rear fenders with an integrated bracket.

Weight: 23.7 kg
4.395€ incl. 19% VAT
Ready for shipment March 2019 Pre-order now


Bold but gentle — Hannah is our women's bike with e-motor, perfect for both city and country riders alike. With Hannah you can transport excess baggage with ease, safe in the knowledge that you will not be stranded with flat batteries. The low profile frame is ideal for family cyclists due to the possibility to attach a child seat on the seat tube and getting on and off the bike comfortably. Having the same setup as Heinrich, Hannah will have an 8-speed ingterneal geared hub, Wingee mudguards with an integrated bracket for pannier bags and a front rack.

Weight: 23.7 kg
4.395€ incl. 19% VAT
Ready for shipment May 2019
Pre-order starts end of November 2018

..and one more thing

With the innovative MAHLE eBikeMotion hub motor we were able to create a bike, which at first sight looks like a classic Schindelhauer Bike without e-assist. The sleek battery hiding in the down tube has a capacity of 250 Wh and takes you up to a distance of 50 - 100 km.

In its geometry, Arthur is sportive but comfortable and can make do without unnecessary weight. High-performance hydraulic disc brakes, a Brooks leather saddle, an integrated lighting system embedded into handlebar and seat post, as well as Gates Carbon Drive CDX components make this the perfect inner-city commuter E-Bike. All cables are hidden inside the fork and frame, giving Arthur an all-round sleek look. Weight: 13.4 kg

3.795 € incl. 19% VAT
Ready for shipment Autumn 2019
Pre-order starts mid 2019

Schindelhauer dealer can give further advice, you can also place your pre-order with them.

Find a dealer nearby

When we premiered our first Siegfried model at Eurobike 2009, the Alu Pure look caused a lot of attention. At this point not many bike brands chose to leave their aluminium frames untreated – without any paintjob.

One of the first Siegfried models from 2009 in Alu Pure One of the first Siegfried models from 2009 in Alu Pure

Alu Pure is our most popular colour, which is not a colour at all, as we do not use a clear varnish and leave the aluminium frame as it us. During production, the welding seams are being smoothed by hand and all scratches polished out. After this, any unevenness is removed in a special grinding process. The final brushing causes the typical Schindelhauer Alu Pure finish. As a last step the Schindelhauer logo is chemically etched onto the frame.

The aluminium alloy used by us (AL6061-T6) is weather-resistant and has the natural property to oxidize, which means that the frame changes into a darker colour. This can be undone using a grinding fleece with a grain size of 240 for smaller spots, and 400 for larger areas. The Schindelhauer logo should be left out. But many customers like the special patina of the Schindelhauer frame in Alu Pure, it gives the bike a special character.

A current Siegfried in Alu Pure from 2019 A current Siegfried in Alu Pure from 2019

Our Hektor frameset has a lot of fans. We redeveloped this second, 2017 version with an even more aggressive geometry – a short top tube and chainstay make for a very agile ride and sportive seating position. The aluminium frame is very stiff, which causes the energy while pedalling to transform into torque right away. Since 2017 Hektor also comes with a carbon fork weighing only 329 g, making the frameset a lightweight of 1923 g.

Hektor is the first track frameset fully optimized to be used with a belt drive. The beltline stays parallel and the dropout can be opened easily thanks to the Schindelhauer Belt Port, without diminishing the stiffness in the rear triangle.

In its geometry as well as its look, Hektor is made to be set up as a fixed gear track bike without brakes, which is why the brake bridge does not have a drilling but only an indent marking and the brake cables cannot be routed inside the frame. As fixed gear bike Hektor plays to all its advantages, e.g. its high bottom bracket with only a 43 mm drop, which makes taking steep corners without freewheeling possible.

Our Schindelhauer-Gates racing team successfully competes on a Hektor setup at international fixed gear races. The riders give kudos to the direct power transmission, the agility and stability of the frame and how reliable the non-greasy belt drive is – no more dirty hands while changing the sprockets to another gear ratio. The belt tension can be adjusted easily via the crocodile tensioning system and the belt does not slack like a regular chain, which causes inefficiencies, even after multiple uses in a tough racing environment.

Our special paintjob Hektor Team Edition Our special paintjob Hektor Team Edition

Setting up a Hektor frameset is possible as fixed as well as singlespeed bike. It can be customized together with us or one of our dealers.

For those who want to set up a Hektor themselves, there a different parts and ratios available through us or Gates Carbon Drive. We have now listed common setups in the Hektor article page. For any questions feel free to ask us via

Schindelhauer is known as a brand that produces sportive urban bikes. This year we presented two new all-rounder models: Gustav as a fully equipped men's bike and Greta as the equivalent with a step-through frame. What makes both bikes special are the big tyres, a frame-mounted front rack, a comfortable riding position — and the possibility to mount a child seat.

We developed both new all-rounders with the requirements of young families in mind, but the model Friedrich, a classic Schindelhauer bike suited for touring, allows for mounting a child seat as well from frame size M/54 upwards. All other Schindelhauer bikes are designed to be sportive and sleek and thus the mounting instructions from child seat manufacturers cannot be adhered to. Therefore we cannot recommend installing a child seat on any other models for safety reasons.

Safety when it comes to transporting a child

In regard to our established comfort-model Friedrich we wanted to be sure about the safety, so we sent the bike to the EFBE-Institute to get it shock-tested according to DIN EN 14344 — the child seat DIN standard. Friedrich has passed the test without any problems, so we can officially recommend mounting the Thule models RideAlong and RideAlong Lite onto our Friedrich.

We hold more options for those who already own a Schindelhauer model and want to upgrade their bike to be more family-compatible, or prefer a different model than Gustav, Greta and Friedrich. Mounting a trailer is possible in general an all Schindelhauer models with Shimano gearing thanks to an internal hub hitch adapter provided by most trailer manufacturers. The brands Thule, Croozer and Burley have proven to be the most easy and reliable during our tests.

Visit a Schindelhauer dealer near you and receive more detailed advice on this topic!

Available now: Greta is our newest family member, combining all advantages of Gustav with a step-through frame.

Both models offer an ideal package:

  • Fully equipped, low-maintenance urban bike with smart transporting possibilities
  • Front rack mounted to the frame with a flexible strap system
  • Wide tires for a comfortable ride
  • Comfortable geometry and an agile riding experience
  • Lighting system integrated into the fenders without visible cabling
  • Child seat ready

The low top tube makes it easy to mount and dismount the bike and is thus perfect for riding with a child seat. Thanks to the dual bicycle stand the bike will not tilt sideways when loading your child or your baggage.

Due to the sloping geometry and the step-through frame the two available frame sizes accommodates a wide variety of cyclists with a height between around 1.58 m and 1.86 m.

Greta is the ideal commuter and family bike, but the comfortable riding position also makes it possible for the bike to be ridden on longer tours.

Greta is ready to order right now and is available either with a 2-speed SRAM-Automatix (1.295 € incl. 19% VAT) or 8-speed Shimano-Nexus gearing (1.450 € incl. 19% VAT). For more information visit your local Schindelhauer dealer and take the bike for a test ride!

Our model Gustav has won the coveted Red Dot Design Award "Best of the Best" in the category Product Design. Another success for our entry-level allrounder after being honoured with the Eurobike Award 2017, the IF Design Award 108 and Cycle Magazin Award Silver in the category Urban Bike 2018.

We appreciate the praise we received from the Red Dot jury, consisting of 40 international design experts, regarding the full concept of the bike: ‘At first glance, this stylish bike impresses with a clear design idiom that makes all elements fit together harmoniously. […] The design of Gustav impressively combines appearance with a tangible sense of tradition’.

Part of the evaluation were criteria such as functionality, durability, formal quality and degree of innovation. Gustav will continue to be exhibited at the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, Germany for a year. We are very pleased about the acknowledgement and would like to thank the Red Dot jury for the honour and the successful award ceremony.

Click here for more information about our award-winning model Gustav. Greta is our women's model with a step-through frame and the same features as Gustav.

p>Team Schindelhauer-Gates is successfully competing at international criterium races on our Hektor frame, it is the only crit team exclusively powered by the Gates Carbon Belt Drive, proving that you can count on it in a tough racing environment.

Our American team rider Roxanne “Sammy” Fox rode her first Red Hook Criterium in Brooklyn this year – one of the toughest and biggest fixed gear races in the calendar. Sammy wrote a report for us to give us some insight on what it’s like to race in Brooklyn and her train of thoughts and tactics that went into it. It worked out well for her – Sammy finished 6th!

In the men’s race our Züri boys Adi Merkt and Yvan Morf raced into 16th and 30th place in pouring rain, just 4 weeks after Adi tore a tendon in his shoulder.

Read Sammy’s report below:

My first Red Hook. Incredible race — It’s rewarding to be with a group of girls who want to go fast, to race, to feel the burn, to have the drool escape from the side of their mouths, drawn out across their faces, like rain sliding across the car window. However, it was not full-on fun until halfway through the race— until that point I was pretty nervous. My first “oh-crap” moment was seeing all the rollers to warm up— I never rode on rollers. But Adi helped me out, made me realize it was pretty easy, and it helped maintain my stealthiness, appearing as a non-competitor.

Then came time to line up for the qualifier — I was way back in row #12. I’ve started back in races many times, so I wasn’t too concerned— it meant I would be able to move up hiding within the pack. But that confidence ended at the first corner, where as I was taking the inside line, girls shouted “I’m on your inside“- expecting that I’d happily move to make room for them— they were wrong — the girls who used their voices instead of their legs were not the girls at the front.

From there, I slowly and calculatedly moved up— it was really challenging but I think I cornered better than the majority of the girls, so I used that to my advantage. It was fast and I was struggling. I didn’t want to waste energy, but I did want a better starting position, so I got as far up as possible to safely qualify without overdoing the legs. I ended up 17th. In the down time between the qualifier and the race, my quads totally hurt from the back-pedaling. I was pretty worried. So after refuelling with Thai food, I took a nap with my feet in the air.

I got back to the race area in time for a solid 40min warmup on the rollers. I felt nervous, but confident in my upgrade to the 5th row. Adi reached out for a final fist bump from the sideline, and even now, I am again feeling the stomach churning nerves I have not had since lining up for my first pro road tour race.

My goal for the final was to get to the front in the beginning, to drop the sketchy riders and remain in the top 5 to 10, solidify a break in the second half, and finish top 10. That plan quickly diminished as I failed to clip in. I realized it was a lot harder to clip in on-the-go on a fixed gear bike. I had to slow down, let most of the pack pass me, clip in, and then hit it hard to try to work my way back up.

Just like in the qualifier, I slowly moved up— this time using my momentum from the corners to keep pushing toward the front. There was a crash going into a straight section on the right. Crash on the right, usually means, all riders move left and cause another crash, so I stayed straight and stayed upright. Nerves came back to me again. A few laps later, there was another crash in the 180-degree turn (2nd to last), it was somewhere around me, but I made it out and accelerated with the other girls away from those stuck behind.

From that point on, there were different girls off the front all the time. After one girl was off the front solo for a while and the pack was slowing down, I decided I had to go after her. I tried to solo bridge. I got a gap and did maybe 1.5 laps solo. I felt unstoppable. The crowds were wild cheering my name. I was in it. But realizing there was a chase behind me, strung out, and the girl off the front slowing down, I slowed up to work with the chase.

From then on, it was attack, chase, attack, chase. Eventually there were maybe 8 of us in the front group. I mostly played it smart, mostly following wheels instead of chasing on my own, but I probably did too much work close to the end. I lost my positioning going into the final lap, accelerating a bit too late before hitting the first corner for the last time. I made it up to come in for 6th, less than a bike length away from the podium. I keep regretting not pushing harder in the final sprint — I’ll have to get that podium in Milano, but this time, they know my name ;)

Sammy will compete at Red Hook Crit Milano in October along with a few of our strongest team riders. Follow Team Schindelhauer-Gates on Instagram for updates on the next races and results.

We carry our love for details into developing clothing as well. Our newest collection combines functionality with a nice design - to give you a more pleasurable ride in the city as well as during longer tours. Unsere Liebe zum Detail gilt auch bei der Entwicklung neuer Bekleidung. In unserer neusten Kollektion verbinden wir Funktionalität mit schönem Design - um das Radfahren in der Stadt oder auf längeren Touren angenehmer zu machen.

Hoodie and Crewneck

These two pieces have a special detail: a small zipper pouch for your smartphone or change, so you don't have to worry about anything falling out. The comfortable, elastic fabric is made from finest organic cotton with a small percentage of polyester. The hoodie has subtle kangaroo pockets, with the minimal design also apparent in the seams, which are flat and thus don't cause friction. You can spot that it is a Schindelhauer product only by the small labels on the inside and the sides.

The new Hoodie and Crewneck are each available either in grey mélange or black.

See the Crewneck here

See the Hoodie here

Merino Baselayer

Whether underneath your clothing or worn alone, our Merino Baselayer regulates your body temperature and is comfortable to wear. We use 100% merino wool, which is able to absorb moisture and is naturally odour resistant. The wool does not itch and the seams are stitched flat as well, which is why backpacks don't cause friction. The Baselayer is available as short- or longsleeve version. Due to the fitted cut and the rounded down seams, both fit and look good on women and men alike.

It is mulesing-free, the fabric is produced and manufactured in the EU and complies with the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

See the short sleeve version here

See the longsleeve version here

Tencel-Cotton Shirts

We were looking for a T-Shirt fabric which is made of natural fibres but also entails functional properties and we found the right product with Tencel: it is more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen. Adding to that is the environmentally-friendly production. We mix 50% Tencel with 50% organic cotton in our new shirts, thus making it keep it's form while having a fitted cut.

See the new shirt with our stripes logo here

See the basic shirt here

The Schindelhauer Family is growing! Our new model Gustav, the recent winner of the Eurobike-Award, is an allrounder in the city. Being a technical marvel, Gustav is conceived for commuters and for everyday riding with extra load. Its sophisticated details are convincing – not only in terms of design. 


When developing Gustav, our aim was a fully equipped Urban Bike with an integrated solution for transporting extra load. Due to a new frame geometry, large volume 27,5" tyres and thought out details we stay true to our cutting edge design and could simultaneously achieve a lot of comfort. Other than our so far typical Schindelhauer frames, Gustav has a longer head tube and a short stem. As the saddle is lower than the handlebar, a comfortable position is assured. Parents have the option to mount a seat for their child, travellers can take a bag easily and commuters will enjoy  the slip-free platform pedals and the integrated front rack as a highlight. 


Fixed to the head tube, the front rack does not move while steering. Gustav rides smooth and safe, even when loaded heavily. Be it a pick nick blanket or a parcel, your load will be fixed tightly with the flexible strap system that we developed for this bike. Even cobblestones or rough paths will become new favourite shortcuts thanks to the comfy large volume tyres. 


An elegant lighting system which is discreetly integrated into the Curana fenders completes our new family member. 


Gustav marks the launch of a new product family in which more models are to follow. Starting today, you can make a reservation for your own Gustav fitted with either a 2-speed SRAM-Automatix hub for automatic shifting (price: 1.250,-€) or with a 8-speed Shimano Nexus internal geared hub (1.450,-€). Just send a message to 


Schindelhauer Gates Team member Karla Sommer has just been awarded runner-up in the third Rad Race Fixed42  World Championships for fixed gear cycling. In the men’s team, Adrian Merkt also bravely battled it out among world-class cyclists at the Geneva Classic Crit where he was an early leader in the race. Schindelhauer celebrates the growing success of its young team by developing a new team frame and attracting more sponsors.

Already in its third year, the unofficial fixed gear world championship took place on the 18 June 2017 in and around the Velothon Berlin. For the second time, the Schindelhauer Gates Team scooped the runner-up title. 600 cyclists from over 25 countries competed in the 42.195 km race across the capital to the Brandenburg Gate finish line under gruelling conditions. After finishing the women’s race in the spectacular time of 01:03:05.65 and racing at an average speed of 40.13 km/h, Karla Sommer represented the Schindelhauer Gates Team on the podium and was awarded the runner-up title. It is not only the marathon distance that distinguishes the Rad Race Fixed42 World Championship from other races. The tough conditions in particular make it stand out: cyclists compete on track bikes without breaks or gears. The new Schindelhauer team frame also made its first appearance at the event with a completely overhauled design specially created for this race. The frame is even more rigid than before and now boasts its own unique paintwork that pairs perfectly with the jerseys of the 10-strong team of Schindelhauer Gates cyclists.

We are proud to announce that there is also a victory for the men’s team. Adrian Merkt clearly dominated the Geneva Classic Crit race and led the field early on in the race riding in first place. He led the front-runners for a chunk of the race but lost time changing a tyre. Despite this glitch, Adrian Merkt recovered spectacularly and managed to catch up with world-class cyclists to cross the finish line in fourth place.

The Schindelhauer Gates Team was formed in 2015 and have been going from strength to strength since then. Karla Sommers’ success at the RAD RACE Series 2016 is a testament to this and also sparked the interest of even more sponsors. As well as Gates Carbon  Drive  and  Continental, the list of sponsors has grown to include Goldsprint  Berlin,  Wahoo,  Alberto Jeans, Sapim, Abus and Champion System.

The Wynwood neighborhood offers pure urban lifestyle: hundreds of paintings adorn the windowless façades of the low warehouses and old factories. Artists from around the world have created impressive, large-scale Streetart works of art. The neighborhood is home to over 70 galleries, museums, and collections, and is one of Miami’s hippest spots.
Since early May 2017, Schindelhauer is a part of this creative scene with its timelessly elegant belt-driven bicycles. And with Miami as its base, the company is now ready to pedal out into the rest of the United States. Many distinguished guests attended the glamorous launch party at the new Superior Bike Shop, including members of local high society, artists, and many from the fixed gear scene.

The colorful community also included Jörg Schindelhauer and Stephan Zehren, who didn’t want to miss this opportunity to celebrate. “The city, and especially Wynwood, completely matches our philosophy. The Superior Bike Shop is the ideal partner for bringing our brand image to the American streets in suitable style,” said Jörg Schindelhauer. In the same spirit, The Superior Bike Shop is not a typical bike store, but is itself a work of art that pays homage to the scene. In the gallery-like space, bikes are displayed as if on exhibit, and are shipped from there to every state in the U.S.

Our new limited special edition is ready!

For Brooks' 150th anniversary we have developed a special bike together with the renowned English saddle manufacturer. The combination of restrained copper details and a matt black finishing of the bike reflect the timeless Brooks saddles with their hammered copper rivets.

The base for this Schindelhauer-Brooks-Edition is our unbeaten best-seller, the Ludwig VIII with its 8-gear Shimano Alfine hub. The riveted Cambium C15 saddle made of natural rubber and cotton guarantees a comfortable ride. Unobtrusive but nevertheless striking, Brooks Slender Grips with copper rings are shining on a Noirette handlebar. The coppery seat clamp and dropouts with their corresponding unique edition number are additional eye-catchers. Signed with a special anniversary seat tube decal this collector's bike is available from mid-august.

Since 2009, we have been designing bikes that are technologically advanced yet straightforward. We value a good design and practicability, which is why we build minimalistic bikes for everyday use. All of our components such as a low-maintenance Gates Carbon Drive, a high-quality aluminium frame and stainless steel parts are designed for longevity.
As designers and engineers, there is a unique elegance and challenge to perfecting our products. Our curiosity and play instinct always bring us new ideas and approaches to optimally place our bikes in modern society. Our aim is to get our customers to enjoy their Schindelhauer bike for a long time so that they want to ride it often – it's much easier to get around town anyway on a bike than in a car!
Find out what makes Schindelhauer bikes so special – down to the last detail. Get in in touch with one of our dealers in your area and take our bikes for a test ride.

Schindelhauer and Continental develop the perfect tyre for urban spaces

Although conventional city tyres usually have a good puncture resistance, they can often be quite hard, with a higher surface friction, thus preventing the wheel from rolling and markedly reducing the fun of fast riding in the city. This is caused, in part, by thicker rubber layers, but also by the use of coarser fabric layers in a tyre's side wall and running surface. We wanted to solve this problem and close the gap between 'portly' city tyres and sporty racing tyres. With this in mind we contacted Continental, the leading manufacturer of racing tyres, and our recommendations fell on sympathetic ears.
During the development of the new Grand Prix Urban, we refused to compromise in our approach and have focused on what we believe to be the key parameters, including the salvaging of a lot of rubber by choosing a finely woven carcass (3 layers á 180TPI) on the side wall. This makes the tyre lighter and quicker, and thus corresponds to the classic road bike-tyre Grand Prix. To increase comfort the tyre volume was trimmed to a wider dimension of 35-622
The necessary puncture protection is ensured by a sufficiently strong rubber layer from Continental's own BlackChili compound and a layer of puncture resistant PolyX Breakers. The high-end rubber compound BlackChili, much favoured by top racing cyclists, also guarantees perfect grip in wet and dry conditions. Last but not least we equipped the tyre with a sleek aesthetic, unobtrusively integrating black reflective-strips to provide for extra safety at night. Finally, these elements all weigh in at a mere 390 grams (!).
We tested our new Grand Prix Urban intensively and never had so much fun with a city tyre.
We're pleased to announce that the Grand Prix Urban is now standard equipment on our models Friedrich, Frieda, Jacob, Ludwig XIV and Wilhelm. Even if your day-to-day ride is not a Schindelhauer -  this tyre would be also a good choice as an upgrade.
The Grand Prix Urban is now available at all Schindelhauer dealers and direct from the Schindelhauer webshop.

Ludwig VIII goes Hollywood!

It was a pleasure to welcome Daniel Brühl in our office. He dropped by to pick up his new Schindelhauer.

On May 31st, the first RAD Race Fixed-Gear World Championship took place in Berlin. 250 riders from more than 20 nations fought for the win over 42 km and of course the Schindelhauer-Gates team was among them.

Never before has such an event been held – only track bikes on 42 km of closed and secured roads. Boy did they fight! The race was considerably faster than expected with an average speed of 47km/h and became a massive festival of riding prowess. The track was both varied and challenging for the brakeless peloton and this led to thrilling scenes but also the odd spill. Unfortunately our team was not spared, but still went on to win a whopping 2nd place in the overall ranking. Roland Trauzold, Dylan Longridge and Adrien Merkt where the second fastest team. Justin Rudolph on his Schindelhauer Hektor finished on an impressive 3rd place in the individual ranking. Of course we also want to congratulate Christin Klepsch and Sebastian Körner, who both crowned themselves champions that day.

We are proud of our team and would like to thank RAD RACE for the outstanding organization of this unique event. It was a great day and a memorable race! We cannot way for the rest of this season.

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Photo Credits: Christopher Rohde / Drew Kaplan

Here it is: the official champion’s frames for the first RAD RACE World Championship.

On May 31st, the first RAD RACE World Championship will be held in the course of the well-known Garmin-Velothon Event in Berlin. 250 riders from over 15 nations will battle it out on a 42,195km track.

A unique Schindelhauer Bikes Hektor frameset, refined by artist Anna T-Iron from Hamburg, awaits the fastest man and woman.  On top of that, a CNC-milled Schindelhauer crank-set and the Gates Carbon Drive Belt System sweeten the package.

<>We are dying to know how things will turn out in this amazing event and are looking forward to a huge crowd. Bring your friends!
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