About Schindelhauer Bikes

From our headquarters in Berlin we develop both our frames and many of the components ourselves. Therefore, the quality of production and the choice of additional components are very important to us. Our aim is to guarantee manufacturing quality, which is why we closely monitor the production and manufacturing process of our bikes.

Since day one, we have been equipping our bikes exclusively with the Gates Carbon Drive belt drive system. This allows us to rely on years of experience around this special drive. For us, the carbon belt drive offers the optimal, almost maintenance-free addition for urban bikes: no grease, no elongation and a quiet ride.

Our focus is not only on design, but above all on durability. Since the beginning we have expanded our product range in a sensible and sustainable way and improved existing models in detail. We see our bicycles as timeless, reliable classics - we want our customers to enjoy their Schindelhauer bike for a long time.

Questions about our models

To reduce the height:

On most of our models we use spacers (2 x 5 mm and 1 x 10 mm). These can be removed individually and shortened to fit the steerer tube. This does not apply to our e-bikes and the Viktor and ThinBike models. An adjustment ex works is not possible. Here a Schindelhauer specialist dealer can help you individually.

Extend the height:

In order to get the handlebars in a higher position, you can turn the stem on most of our models by 180° in the longitudinal axis, this then points slightly upwards. This does not apply to the e-bikes, Viktor, as well as ThinBike.

With Viktor a handlebar-stem-combination is installed, there is no adjustment possible without exchanging the unit.

For our custom models we can adjust the optimal handlebar height for you ex works.

We have given a lot of thought to the composition of all components in order to present a truly harmonious product — not only in terms of appearance, but also in terms of sitting position and compatibility with other components.

There will probably be a few wishes to adapt a bike to individual needs. For such configurations please speak to your local Schindelhauer dealer. They can advise you on modifications and implement your wishes if possible.

Our models are stored and dispatched 95% pre-assembled. Therefore, adjustments and assembly of components and accessories ex works are not possible.

Excluded from this: Our custom model range is assembled on site in Berlin at the customer's request — each of these models can be individually costumized. A Schindelhauer specialist dealer can also advise you on this — or send us an e-mail with your individualisation wishes to info@schindelhauerbikes.de.

Depending on which model you are interested in, slightly different recommendations apply. On the respective page of the model you will find in the section "Geometry", a table showing available frame sizes and their matching body size and inseam length. You will find tips on measuring correctly by clicking "How to measure your inseam length".

In addition to body height and inseam length, the most important factor is comfort when riding, which is why we always recommend a test ride at a local dealer.

For our Bosch e-bikes and models with MAHLE motors, the manufacturers state a 10% - 20% loss of capacity after 500 charging cycles, which means that after 500 full cycles (0% - 100% or five times 80% - 100%) the battery will only fully charge to 80% - 90% capacity.

Although the battery of our model Arthur is integrated in the frame and cannot be removed, it can be removed by a Schindelhauer specialist dealer if it needs repairing.

Please also note the following points:

Factors that shorten the life span of your battery:

  • Heavy use - e.g. always riding in the highest support level
  • Storage in an environment with over 30° C temperature
  • Long-term storage in a completely full or completely empty condition
  • Parking the e-bike in the blazing sun
  • Permanent connection to the charger (> 5 hours)

Factors that have a positive effect on the service life of your battery:

  • Low and moderate use – changing between modes
  • Storage at a temperature between 0 and 20° C
  • Storage in an approx. 30-60% charge condition
  • At least one full load every two months

Special colours are only available for our custom models Ludwig XIV as well as Wilhelm P-Line and C-Line. Please ask a Schindelhauer dealer or contact us directly.

Powder coating is an option for these custom models – only not for the fork.

You can find the information on the maximum total weight by scrolling down to the feature list at the bottom of the model page.

The maximum total weight describes the weight of the rider, the luggage on the bike or carried by the rider and, if applicable, the transport of children - including the weight of the bike itself.

The maximum total weight is determined based on the aluminium tube thickness, geometry and combination of components. If the weight is exceeded, we cannot exclude the possibility of damage to the bicycle, which will in any case lead to loss of warranty. Please also take note of the instructions for proper use in the respective user manual.

All Schindelhauer frames are made of high-quality 6061 aluminium. This has several advantages:

  • Special requirements of the carbon drive system: This requires a high degree of rear end rigidity so that the belt works properly. Aluminium is the most suitable material for this.
  • Good formability: Aluminium makes it possible to produce a very sturdy, yet lightweight frame. This also means that the frame remains durable and reliable for a long time.
  • Recyclability: For us, sustainability means both creating a durable product and ensuring easy recycling in the production process. The aluminium we use is energy efficient and recyclable with minimal residues.

Our custom models are assembled on customer request in our workshop in Berlin. Everything is customizable here, except the frame itself. For example: frame colour, saddle, handlebars, grips, luggage rack, stem length, steerer tube length, gear ratio, crank etc.

If you wish for specific components, we will ask the manufacturer to provide them to us. We recommend a comprehensive consultation with our dealers or directly with us.

The Siegfried and Viktor models are delivered with a freewheel setup, but come with a flip-flop hub. The wheel can be mounted both ways and flipped by 180°, with the sprocket mounted on the side of your choice.

On one side, a freewheel body makes your bike a typical freewheel single speed, while a fixed mount on the other side of the hub transforms your bike into a fixed-gear model, with the crank arms moving continuously while riding.

A Schindelhauer dealer can carry out the conversion for you, alternatively the conversion is described in the respective instruction manual.

Questions about the belt drive

No. The belt has a central guide and the sprockets have a central track — these two elements permanently interlock and thus reliably prevent the belt from slipping down. This Gates CenterTrack system was introduced in 2012 and is used in the CDX and CDN systems. The expected "rubber band effect", as known from earlier belt systems, does not occur, so no "jumping" can be observed, provided the belt tension is correctly adjusted.

After the belt has undergone a very minimal run-in elongation, no further elongation occurs. We take this slight lengthening into account when installing the belt and adjust the tension accordingly. This means that no further tensioning is necessary.

A Schindelhauer specialist dealer can check and adjust the belt tension for you. If you would like to check the tension yourself, Gates, the manufacturer of the belts we use, offers different tools. The easiest and quickest way to do this is to use the Gates Carbon Drive Mobile app developed by Gates. This app measures the optimum tension after "plucking" the belt via the smartphone's microphone. The app can be found in the iPhone App Store as well as in the Google Play Store. Tools such as the "Belt Tension Meter Eco" from Universal Transmissions have proven quite accurate in practice.

With each measuring method, the tension at different points on the belt can vary. You should therefore repeat the measurement several times. After each measurement, turn the pedals a quarter turn and measure again.

For further information, please refer to the instruction manual of your respective Schindelhauer model, which are also available for download here.

Although normal road dirt has no effect on the belt's function, we recommend cleaning the belt occasionally with water, depending on use and the surface of the road. If the belt is very dirty, rinsing with water is enough, but avoid using high-pressure cleaners.

Please also see the Gates Technical Manual which is part of the starter package of your bike and can also be downloaded here.

The basic material of the belt is polyurethane. The tensile fibres embedded in it are made of carbon. The (front) sprockets are made of high-strength anodised aluminium. The rear CDX sprockets are made of stainless steel. In the CDN system, the sprocket is made of chrome molybdenum (Cro-Mo) steel and is covered with heavy-duty plastic.

To make changing tyres as user-friendly as possible, we have carefully thought out our dropouts. The rear wheel can be removed, just like on other bikes, by loosening the axle nuts. The belt is relaxed and can be removed from the sprocket without leaving grease and oil traces on the hands.

It is also easy to reinsert the rear wheel:
For our models without gearshift we have installed our Crocodile belt tensioning system. With a 17 mm open-end wrench you turn the tension plate/spanner washer, the teeth move the axle backwards and the belt is pretensioned. The axle is then secured with an Allen key.

For all other models with gearshift and/or disc brakes, our slider-belt-tensioning-system ensures that the belt has the same tension when the rear wheel is removed and inserted – there is no need for readjustments. If, however, it is necessary to adjust the belt tension, or if the rear wheel has to be realigned, it is sufficient to tighten or loosen the small screws, which are unobtrusively integrated into the sled concept.

For further information please refer to the instruction manual of your respective Schindelhauer model, which are also available for download here.

CDX components describe Gates' most wear-resistant system. The belts are made of tensile carbon fibres embedded in a high-quality polyurethane composition, which makes them particularly weatherproof and durable. The ribbed surface of the CDX belt reduces the bending resistance and maximises the efficiency of the system. CDX sprockets are always made of stainless steel. This system is not only suitable for city bikes, but also for trekking, due to its high weather resistance and long mileage, and withstands the strain put on it if a bike is ridden as a fixed gear.

With the CDN belt and component system, Gates Carbon Drive has introduced a lower-cost variant which we use on our Metropolitan category. This system is ideal for city bikes. CDN belts have twice the mileage of a chain. The carbon fibres of the CDN belt are embedded in a polymer layer.

The CDN system can also be retrofitted with a CDX belt or sprocket, please ask a dealer, Gates Carbon Drive or us directly. You can find the belt length and the sprocket size used on your model in the respective user manual.

Visually, both belts can be distinguished by their surface: CDX has a ribbed surface which is missing on CDN. Also, the nylon layer on the underside of the CDX belt is often, but not always, coloured in blue.

From day one we have exclusively used Gates' carbon belt drive. The advantages of the belt over a chain are obvious to us:

  • Long life — tests have shown that carbon drive belts last at least twice as long as bicycle chains. With the CDX belt drive, the service life is up to four times longer than that of a chain.
  • Clean — No lubrication means no accumulation of grease or dirt; the trouser leg stays clean.
  • Smooth — The Carbon Drive eliminates the metal-to-metal contact of the chain, providing unmatched smoothness.
  • Silent — In most riding situations, the Carbon Drive belt is virtually silent.
  • Lightweight — The entire system, the two sprockets and the belt, weigh less than a typical bicycle chain.
  • No elongation — The Carbon Drive Belt does not elongate, unlike a chain. It retains its original length throughout its life. This means that you don't have to re-tension the belt or readjust components.
  • Consistent efficiency — The Carbon Drive Belt provides consistent efficiency during its service life. The efficiency of a chain is greatly reduced by wear, elongation and collected dirt.

Questions about extras & attachments

It is possible to attach a trailer to lots of our models. With the appropriate adapter, trailers from Thule, Burley and Croozer can be used with Gustav VIII/II, Greta VIII/II, Ludwig VIII/XI, Lotte, Friedrich VIII/XI and Frieda VIII/XI. In addition to the three brands mentioned, bicycle trailers by Weber are supported for the models Wilhelm, Ludwig XIV, Heinrich, Hannah, Oskar and Jacob – with respective adapters. For e-bikes with MAHLE drive (Arthur, Antonia, Emil, Emilia), it is possible to carry a trailer from Thule with this adapter.

For further details on the choice of adapters as well as further advice, please contact a Schindelhauer dealer or contact us with the name of your bicycle model and the name of the desired trailer.

In principle, it is not possible to attach a trailer to our single-speed models Siegfried, Siegfried Road and Viktor and ThinBike.

This is only possible to a limited extent. The tyres fitted ex works represent the maximum possible tyre width which can be fitted together with mudguards. You can find more information in the instruction manual for your model.

Our models Gustav, Greta, Emil, Emilia, Heinrich, Hannah and Oskar are suitable for attaching a child seat to the seat tube. However, please note that with Oskar the rear light is covered due to the integration in the seat post. Friedrich was also tested by us in the laboratory according to DIN specifications: Starting from a frame size of  54/M, a seat can be mounted.  

Suitable for the frame sizes M & L, we recommend the models RideAlong, RideAlong Lite and Yepp Maxi by Thule as well as Jockey by Römer. If the frame size is S, the choice is limited to Thule RideAlong or RideAlong Lite, each with Low Saddle Adapter.

We take the issue of rider safety very seriously, especially when transporting children and strongly advise against using child seats on all other models. The manufacturer of our pannier racks prohibits installing a child sear onto the rack.

Basically yes. However, internal cable routing through the complete frame is only possible on the comfort models Frieda and Friedrich, which come with a lighting system pre-installed.

For all other models we recommend consulting a Schindelhauer dealer. We cannot ship models with a lighting system which are not already equipped with one ex works.

All current models allow the mounting of mudguards, only our track frameset Hektor does not have eyelets for installing mudguards directly on the frame. We offer several rack combinations for our models.

Please refer to our accessory page for up-to-date information on whether the respective parts fit on your model.

It is possible to mount a kickstand to almost all our models. Many are already equipped with a kickstand ex works, including our Bosch e-bikes.

Since 2017, all models with gear shifting have been fitted with a mounting plate, which makes it easy to attach a kickstand. The brand Pletscher, which is a known standard, offers several models. They need to be able to be installed with a M10 Allen screw.

Our single speed bikes do not allow the mounting of a kickstand due to space restrictions. The chain stay is, as it is often the case with sporty geometries, too short.

For models before 2017 only Frieda and Friedrich come with a mounting plate.

On the Wilhelm P-Line and C-Line, the Pinion gearbox rules out the attachment of a Pletscher plate, and a rear stand mounted on the chain stay is also not possible due to the position of the disc brake mount.

On non-motorised models, which come with a lighting system as standard, the light is operated by a hub dynamo. The condenser in the dynamo stores the energy generated while riding, so that the light shines brightly e.g. when the bike stops at traffic lights. This also means that the light continues to shine for a while when the bike is parked and turns off automatically after a short time. There is no on/off switch on these models.

On our e-bikes, the light can be switched on and off using the control element. Please see the manual for more information.

Questions about service, shipping and payment

We offer the purchase via JobRad. Please send us an e-mail for this. Many of our dealers also offer various leasing options.

No, at our Berlin business address no purchase and no consultation or test ride is possible. Please contact our dealers in Berlin or order online. Please note that our dealers may not have your desired parts or bicycle in stock. Availability can be inquired in advance from our dealers, the contact details can be found in our dealer search.

If you have bought an item from our web shop, you have the right to cancel the purchase within fourteen days without giving reasons. Please refer to our General Terms and Conditions for further information.

If you have ordered an accessory, a return note and label will be included in the package. You can find the return note within the envelope on the outside of the package.

For the return of a bicycle, please contact us directly so that we can arrange for our forwarding agent to pick it up.

If you want to assemble the bike yourself, please follow the assembly instructions enclosed with the bike. All instructions can also be found here. We generally recommend, especially for e-bikes, that you have your bike assembled at a Schindelhauer specialist dealer or a specialist bicycle shop in your area. If you buy the bike directly from one of our specialist dealers or select the option "Delivery to dealer", the dealer will carry out the final assembly free of charge.

Any accessories ordered along with the bike, which are not part of the standard equipment, will be fitted directly in consultation with the dealer; assembly costs may be incurred here.

The bike will be delivered in a solid bicycle carton with the dimensions 183 x 22 x 110 cm. The bike is safely stored in it, provided that the carton is transported upright throughout. When the delivery arrives, please make sure to check the outside of the carton carefully before accepting it. Damaged cartons should not be accepted. Cartons, which visibly have dents or scratches, or are delivered lying down must be noted in the acceptance confirmation by the supplier and countersigned by you and reported to us immediately. Please note our General Terms and Conditions.

If you have ordered an e-bike, it is advisable to keep the packaging of the battery, as it complies with the shipping regulations for lithium-ion batteries and can be reused for shipping in case of service.

Accessories ordered on our website, such as locks etc., which are not part of the standard equipment, will be shipped separately by UPS.

We are sorry, please let us know immediately so that we can arrange the return and a new shipment. A short information with the order number to info@schindelhauerbikes.de is enough.

If it you have ordered an accessory, a return note and label will be included in the package. You can find the return note within the envelope on the outside of the package.

No. Our office and our custom-workshop are in Berlin, but no pick-up, repairs, consultation, test rides or purchase is possible. In Berlin we have several Schindelhauer dealers where you can see our models and take a test ride. All current Schindelhauer dealers and their contact details can be found in our dealer search.

Schindelhauer Bikes / c2g-engineering GmbH
IBAN: EN35 8002 0086 0019 5174 20

The bank details are also noted on the order confirmation and invoice.

The delivery costs depend on the value of the goods and the delivery destination. You will find further details in our shipping information. The amount of the shipping costs is shown during the ordering process and is shown separately on the invoice. Deliveries to non-EU countries will incur additional duties, taxes and fees, which cannot be billed or estimated through us.

After receipt of your order you will receive an order confirmation or, if you have paid directly by credit card, an invoice.

As soon as we have received the payment and the goods have left our warehouse, you will receive an e-mail from us with a link for tracking the shipment.

You can find everything else in our shipping information.

When buying online at schindelhauerbikes.de you can pay by prepayment (advance bank transfer), Klarna (instant bank transfer), PayPal or credit card.

There are two options for buying a Schindelhauer bike:

1. delivery directly to your home:

If you cannot find a Schindelhauer specialist dealer near you via our dealer search, you can also have your desired model delivered directly to your home. The bicycle comes almost completely assembled. When setting up the bicycle yourself, please follow the instructions in the manual as well as the instructions for regular maintenance and care. Take your bicycle to a specialist workshop for regular inspection. We generally recommend, especially for e-bikes, that you have your bike assembled at a Schindelhauer specialist dealer or a specialist bicycle shop in your area.

2. online purchase and delivery to a Schindelhauer dealer of your choice (Euro zone only):

On request we can have your bike delivered to one of our dealers at no additional cost. This dealer will professionally assemble the bike for you free of charge and will make it available for collection by arrangement. In the online purchasing process, you will be given the option of selecting a Schindelhauer dealer near you as your delivery address.

Any accessories ordered along with the bike, which are not part of the standard equipment, will be fitted directly in consultation with the dealer; assembly costs may be incurred here.

No Schindelhauer dealer nearby?

In this case, the above-mentioned option of shipping directly to your home would be an option. We are also happy to accept recommendations for future Schindelhauer dealers. If you are the owner of a bicycle shop or a customer of a recommendable shop, you are welcome to send us further information via info@schindelhauerbikes.de.

Purchase and delivery outside the euro zone?

If you would like to purchase a Schindelhauer bicycle outside the euro zone, please first contact the nearest Schindelhauer dealer in your country, to be found via our dealer search. They may also be able to ship directly to you. If you cannot find a Schindelhauer dealer near you, please contact us via our contact form or via info@schindelhauerbikes.de.

Your direct contact person is always the contractual partner, i.e. the Schindelhauer specialist dealer from whom you purchased the bicycle or accessory.

Even if you bought the bike directly from us online, it is easiest for all parties to first visit a Schindelhauer specialist dealer who can help you directly and clarify everything else with us. This also applies if you change your place of residence.

If there is no Schindelhauer dealer near you, please contact us directly via info@schindelhauerbikes.de with details of model, BikeID, date of production (noted on the “birth certificate”) and, at best, with photos of the problem. If you cannot find any information about the BikeID or date of production, please send the frame number, which you will find stamped under the bottom bracket.

We do our best to keep delivery times as short as possible. Due to the continuing very high demand as well as a still tense supply chain situation, some of our models are thus facing delays. Even if a model is not in stock online in the preferred configuration, there is a possibility that dealers will be able to deliver more quickly. Contact us if we can assist you with this.