Our latest e-bike Arthur has been on the road for a while now and we are receiving a lot of positive feedback. The sleek look, integrated battery, small rear motor and special lighting-system proved to be well-liked by the iF Award Jury as well and led to recognition of the highest category - the  iF gold award.

The 2020 iF Jury consists of 78 independent, international design experts, who selected the best designs out of 7,300 entries from 56 countries. The Jury concluded: 
"Schindelhauer has achieved a superb integrated mobility solution with their new electric bicycle. The seamless incorporation of the head and tail lights in the handlebar and the hidden battery are simply ingenious. This is minimalistic and functional design at its best!"
We are very pleased with the news, which acknowledges our special love of detail. Together with our Korean partners LightSKIN we put a lot of time into integrating the lighting system into handlebar and seat post – and to make it road-legal in Germany. Arthur carries our design signature, which has been established for 10 years, and as an e-bike is hardly distinguishable from our non-motorized models.

Following two consecutive iF awards for its Heinrich & Oskar e-models in 2019 and for its Gustav all-rounder in 2018, Arthur has now received the highest award, the iF gold award, for the second time in the company's decades-long history. The first gold trophy went to the space-saving ThinBike in 2014. Within the iF World Design Index, Schindelhauer now ranks among the top 3 in the category "bicycles".

We would like to thank the iF jury and the first Arthur cyclists who are already making miles on our new arrival.

To find out what makes Arthur so special, contact a Schindelhauer dealer near you or visit us at events to take a test ride.

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