For our special 10th anniversary edition we came up with something truly magical: three exceptional models designed by artists who have accompanied us over the past ten years and longer.

In our making-of video, all three artists talk about their inspiration and idea behind the subjects they chose:

Ludwig XIV // Roland Brückner/Bitteschön TV

Roland grew up with our co-founder Stephan and played a role in defining Schindelhauer from the very beginning. For example, he was involved in coming up with a name and calls one of the first models from 2009 his own.

He moved from Lake Constance to Berlin, where he cofounded Bitteschön TV, a studio for illustration, animation and design. Roland also works as a freelance artist and tattoo artist, which is unmistakably reflected in his design for our highend Ludwig XIV model.

"If you want you can look at the details, get lost in it and spin interpretations... I hope this creates a certain ease."

Gustav // Jasmin Siddiqui/Herakut

Jasmin has been a graffiti and street artist since 2000. Born in Frankfurt, she came into contact with us a few years ago, is a fan of our bikes – and we of her! Jasmin is known all over the world for her murals as well as her large-scale artwork on the walls of buildings and has made a name for herself in the street art scene. She feels quite comfortable on the Gustav, so it made sense for us to have her redesign a true all-rounder like this.

"Monkeys are creative, curious, discovering, playing - but above all, they are a gang, they belong together. That's why I presented the Schindelhauer founding fathers as monkeys!"

Viktor // Alexander Hanke/Zum Heimathafen

Alexander Hanke has been a friend of the company for many years and has already supported us with our posters and T-shirt design and details at our exhibition stands. Based in Hamburg, he works as a freelance artist with his label Zum Heimathafen. He designs tour posters for musicians he likes, handles corporate designs for companies, and designs motifs for apparel. Alexander Hanke runs his own screen-printing workshop, where his posters are handmade. His style has accompanied us from the outset, so it was important for us to see it immortalised on one of our models. Alexander has been riding a Viktor for a number of years, which is why he received this model to redesign.

"I needed a story to work on. And thus one side symbolizes the "then", in Magdeburg, on the other side: Berlin"

This is an excerpt from our 10th anniversary book, which provides insights into our background, models, developments, and our business. The book is now available in a limited edition.