Alex is a long-time friend of Schindelhauer and works as a freelance artist with his label "Zum Heimathafen" (@zumheimathafen) in Hamburg, Germay. He has already supported us in numerous design projects, such as the creation of a special edition for our 10th anniversary, the design of t-shirts and participation at our trade fair stands.

Another of Alex's specialities are his hand-made posters, which he often designs on the occasion of artist tours. Alex has also already created a series for Schindelhauer: "Ludwig - the Sport Classic", "Lotte" and "Schindelhauer - Belt Driven Since Day One". With "Greta - The Versatile" and "Oskar - The Free Thinker" two more motifs are now being introduced.

Importance of the posters for Alex

"In the series in general, freedom is always at the forefront, a feeling of what riding a bike inevitably triggers. And since I ride a Schindelhauer myself, I know how wonderful it is to almost glide through the streets. And there is also the intersection between Schindelhauer and my graphics - in tranquility and reduction without losing sight of the details."

"For Greta, a warm, relaxed atmosphere was to be created to symbolize lightness and carefreeness. Since really everything on the bike is what people need, the owner can concentrate on her everyday life and enjoy it. Even if the city is a bit hilly, this is no problem due to the gearshift." – Alex Hanke

"With Oskar I had a little trouble at the beginning, because I didn't really know how to approach the topic "e-bike". Then I remembered old posters from the movie Tron and found that this retro-futuristic look fits incredibly well. At the same time I wanted to show the speed that you can easily reach with Oskar." – Alex Hanke

Making of

In the screen printing process, the printing ink is printed with a rubber lip (squeegee) through a fine-mesh fabric onto the material to be printed. Mesh openings in the fabric are made impermeable to ink by a stencil so that no ink can be printed at these points in accordance with the printed image.

Even though the screen printing process takes quite a long time, the layering of several colors ensures a particularly aesthetic and high-quality print product.

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