Our Hektor frameset has a lot of fans. We redeveloped this second, 2017 version with an even more aggressive geometry – a short top tube and chainstay make for a very agile ride and sportive seating position. The aluminium frame is very stiff, which causes the energy while pedalling to transform into torque right away. Since 2017 Hektor also comes with a carbon fork weighing only 329 g, making the frameset a lightweight of 1923 g.

Hektor is the first track frameset fully optimized to be used with a belt drive. The beltline stays parallel and the dropout can be opened easily thanks to the Schindelhauer Belt Port, without diminishing the stiffness in the rear triangle.

In its geometry as well as its look, Hektor is made to be set up as a fixed gear track bike without brakes, which is why the brake bridge does not have a drilling but only an indent marking and the brake cables cannot be routed inside the frame. As fixed gear bike Hektor plays to all its advantages, e.g. its high bottom bracket with only a 43 mm drop, which makes taking steep corners without freewheeling possible.

Our Schindelhauer-Gates racing team successfully competes on a Hektor setup at international fixed gear races. The riders give kudos to the direct power transmission, the agility and stability of the frame and how reliable the non-greasy belt drive is – no more dirty hands while changing the sprockets to another gear ratio. The belt tension can be adjusted easily via the crocodile tensioning system and the belt does not slack like a regular chain, which causes inefficiencies, even after multiple uses in a tough racing environment.

Our special paintjob Hektor Team Edition Our special paintjob Hektor Team Edition

Setting up a Hektor frameset is possible as fixed as well as singlespeed bike. It can be customized together with us or one of our dealers.

For those who want to set up a Hektor themselves, there a different parts and ratios available through us or Gates Carbon Drive. We have now listed common setups in the Hektor article page. For any questions feel free to ask us via info@schindelhauerbikes.de.