No compromises in terms of service network, reliability and quality: Heinrich, Oskar and Hannah are our Bosch mid-engine models.

The third generation Bosch drive unit is especially quiet and operates without a gearbox, opening the possibility for a gentle and harmonious riding experience – with or without the motor switched on or above the e-support limit of 25 km/h. The battery range is unbeatable: Cyclists travelling at a relaxed pace without much luggage and a few stops along the route can reach up to 200 km in the Bosch Eco-mode, according to the Bosch range assistant. Cyclists who prefer to ride more quickly or carry more luggage, can reach between 80 - 120 km, before the battery runs out.


The first Bosch single speed e-bike — for fans of a well thought out design, coupled with reliable technology. This model doesn’t require a gearshift, as the powerful Bosch Active Line Plus drive unit more than compensates for this. Optionally available are a frame-mounted front rack and Wingee mudguards with an integrated bracket for pannier bags.

Weight: 19.7 kg
3.995€ incl. 19% VAT


The most versatile Schindelhauer model – Heinrich has been designed as a sturdy and fully equipped e-bike for multiple uses and riders, and it is exceptionally fun to ride. With its strong battery, Heinrich offers enough freedom for relaxed trips to the surrounding countryside or from the outskirts into the city. Thanks to the 8-speed Alfine internal geared hub longer rides over uneven terrain are possible. With the baggage carrier mounted directly to the frame, the handling is not impaired when fully loaded. Additionally, pannier bags can be attached onto the rear fenders with an integrated bracket.

Weight: 23.7 kg
4.395€ incl. 19% VAT


Bold but gentle — Hannah is our women's bike with e-motor, perfect for both city and country riders alike. With Hannah you can transport excess baggage with ease, safe in the knowledge that you will not be stranded with flat batteries. The low profile frame is ideal for family cyclists due to the possibility to attach a child seat on the seat tube and getting on and off the bike comfortably. Having the same setup as Heinrich, Hannah will have an 8-speed ingterneal geared hub, Wingee mudguards with an integrated bracket for pannier bags and a front rack.

Weight: 23.7 kg
4.395€ incl. 19% VAT

..and one more thing

With the innovative MAHLE eBikeMotion hub motor we were able to create a bike, which at first sight looks like a classic Schindelhauer Bike without e-assist. The sleek battery hiding in the down tube has a capacity of 250 Wh and takes you up to a distance of 50 - 100 km.


In its geometry, Arthur is sportive but comfortable and can make do without unnecessary weight. High-performance hydraulic disc brakes, a Brooks leather saddle, an integrated lighting system embedded into handlebar and seat post, as well as Gates Carbon Drive CDX components make this the perfect inner-city commuter E-Bike. All cables are hidden inside the fork and frame, giving Arthur an all-round sleek look. Weight: 13.4 kg

3.795 € incl. 19% VAT

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